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The $2 Shuttle 

(We offer this budget service as an alternative to the Aussie Local Shuttle) 


Town — 4 Mile Beach — Loop

Travel Map (see map on attached)

Paddy's - Davidson - Port Douglas Rd - St.Crispins - Agincourt - Ulysses - Nautilus - Reef - Barrier - Port Douglas Rd - Davidson - Paddy's

​Operational Hours:

Mon 4/1 Not Operating

Tues 5/1 Not Operating

Wed 6/1 4pm-11pm

Thurs 7/1 4pm-11.30pm 

Friday 8/1 4pm-1am

Sat 9/1 4pm-1am

Sun 10/1 4pm-11pm

-Shuttle comes around approx. every 20 mins.

-Look out for the shuttles with the green signs.

-Wave/Hail to stop your driver anywhere on the loop. 

-We drop/pick up anywhere on the loop.


- We start/finish the loop from Paddy's (Cnr Macrossan/Wharf St's)

Please note:

*We are a shuttle not a taxi. *We have a set route.

*Drivers don't have a phone

*We do not go into resorts.   *We only drop off/pick up  on the designated route  loop only

* We don't take bookings


"Let's go back to 1990  Prices!" 

Look out for the shuttles with these green signs.

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 1.11.33 pm.jpg


'$2 Shuttle' is a registered trade mark.

Use of this name will be prosecuted in Qld Court.

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